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120718 Jerry Mander


Jerry Mander, Wednesday, July 18th

Called the patriarch of the anti-Globalization movement by The New York Times, Jerry Manderis the Founder and Distinguished Fellow of the International Forum on Globalization. He also spent 15 years in the advertising business as president of Freeman, Mander & Gossage, where he produced the famous Sierra Club campaigns of the 1960s that saved the Grand Canyon. He has BS and MS degrees in international economics, and he lives in Northern California.

About The Capitalism Papers:

"What may have worked in 1850 and 1900 is calamitous in 2012," says noted executive Jerry Mander in The Capitalism Papers. It is killing the planet, dismantling democracy, promoting wars and diminishing peoples happiness.

In a departure from most previous writings about our economic system, The Capitalism Papers presents a point by point argument that capitalism is increasingly nonviable, and obsolete. These problems are intrinsic to the model, and cannot be reformed.

Mander elaborates on the inherent needs of capitalism to undermine and dominate democratic processes. Worst of all, for all its excesses and indulgences, capitalism fails to produce a contented, happy society, as studies confirm. Many organizations are already anticipating the ultimate breakdown ofthe system.

The Capitalism Papers is a provocatvie and convincing argument for serious reconsideration of our basic economic system, and a call to define our democratic and social values in such a way that respects our planet and sustains us for the future.

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photos by Phoebe Wong