Black Friday @ Moe's


BREAKING NEWS! We've teamed with Amoeba Berkeley and are trading discounts. Spend $100 at Amoeba, get a $10 Moe's tradeslip, spend $100 at Moe's, get a $10 off coupon from Amoeba!

I, too, dislike it: there are things that are important beyond 
all this fiddle

Marianne Moore was talking about something else but it could also apply to all the Black Friday hoopy-do that we have to suffer through every year. We're sick of it and bored by it. Sick of big box stores. Sick of big boxes! Tired of lines and bait-and-switch discounts. But we also work in retail and we're expected to create some sort of circus atmosphere for shoppers.

Well, screw that. We have a bazillion amazing books plus all the stuff (Shirts, mugs, book bags...have you seen our new line of posters?) that bookstores offer. Our prices are competitive, we're as local as can be, and our staff is outstanding. We guarantee you'll have more fun with us!

We're going to make it real simple. Just a few "thank you" incentives to lure you away from those big ugly stores in Emeryville.:

1) Spend a hundred bucks and you get a free something. Your choice: A book bag, a t-shirt, a tin of Moe's Blend tea, or a Moe Mug. Not interested in swag? Take it in books! A ten dollar gift certificate. Give it as a gift or run back into the store and buy another book!

2) Are you in the Moe's club? We'll sign you up! And on BF we'll triple stamp your card (ten stamps gets a trade slip).

3) More Moe's (open 12-6) is our penthouse jewel box, featuring rare books, art books, one-of-a-kind antiquarian items. Buy a gift at More Moe's and you'll get a 20% discount. 

Or, as the poet said (about something else, but stay with the joke):

discovers that there is in
it after all, a place for the genuine.