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The Galax String Quartet plays in our Art Store, 12/8

1pm This Thursday 12/8 

Moe's is proud to host The Galax Quartet —2 violins, gamba and cello— who will perform music from Samuel Scheidt and JS Bach to cutting edge American composers Marc Mellits and Robert Morris, in preparation for a commercial recording with Music & Arts.

The Galax Quartet's latest CDs, including On Cold Mountain: Songs on Poems by Gary Snyder (with contralto Karen R Clark) will be available. "This fascinating and beautiful release boasts an endless dialogue between tradition and innovation, past and present. It's mesmerizing." – Joshua Kosman, San Francisco Chronicle. The composers include Fred Frith, and Roy Wheldon, Allaudin Mathieu, and Robert Morris.

Sadly, Karen Clark will not perform with them this time as she needs to recover from a cold. We look forward to hearing her again soon. Her CD of the music of Hildagarde von Bingen is available at Moe's Books now. Contact us to reserve a copy of either CD today. 510 849 2087 or by email.