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Moe's Books

2476 Telegraph Ave.
Berkeley CA 94704

Open 10 to 10 daily
Phone: (510) 849-2087

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Art and Antiquarian Shop

Open noon to 6
Wed-Sat, or by appt

Phone: (510) 849-2133


  • World Famous Destination for book lovers since 1959
  • Hundreds of thousands of titles in our ever changing stock
  • Buy, Sell & Trade books all day, every day
  • Always pay fair prices for quality books
  • We offer a unique selection of new books in our topnotch store

About Us

About the Store

Learn about the rich history of Moe's and the evolution of Telegraph Avenue from the sixties to the present.

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Moe Moskowitz

The man himself. Moe was a genuine character who created a store that was unique at the time, and is still unique in many ways today, both in its dealings with customers as well as employees.

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Shipping & Returns

We offer a myriad of options to ship you books. Click here to see what is available.

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Selling Books

We buy books all day, seven days a week, a few at a time, or entire libraries. Click here for some pointers on what to bring in and what we might buy.

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Contact Us

There are many ways for you get the information you need. Click here for the option we have.

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