Moe's 50th anniversary party

Moe's Fiftieth Anniversary Party

Doris Moskowitz's "Mighty Schlepper" speech
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A letter from Dorothy Snodgrass published in the Berkeley Daily Planet
Thank you message from Doris Moskowitz


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Editors, Daily Planet:

To say that Moe's Books was a veritable beehive of activity this past Saturday would be an understatement. Celebrating its 50th anniversary, this revered bookstore on Telegraph Avenue threw a party to end all parties, attracting hundreds of customers and friends throughout the day.

On entering the store, visitors were warmly greeted by Doris Moskowitz, Moe's charming daughter, whose handsome young son manned the busy elevator. I was particularly attracted to the guest book just inside the store, with its affectionate, sentimental and witty messages reflecting the history of the store and its flamboyant, hard working and opinionated owner, Moe Moskowitz.

Nothing was overlooked in ,making this celebration a huge success; there was music, entertainment, and enough food to feed the entire city of Berkeley, thanks to the generosity of local merchants, such as the Virginia Bakery, the Cheese Board, Peet's Coffee, Star Grocery, and Noah's, just to name a few.

For most of the afternoon and evening there was something doing on all five floors, with rousing entertainment in the basement, featuring hula dancers, guitarists and a great jazz combo. Ir was well known that music played an important role in Moe's life. Customers were amused when, working at the cash register, Moe would ask admiringly, Did you hear that? That perfect tone?" So it was altogether fitting that Amoeba Music, together with Marc Weinstein, honored today's celebration with a free CD of Moe's favorites (Cab Calloway, Louis Armstrong, Thelonious Monk, Billie holliday, etc.)

For those attending this 50th birthday celebration, it was an occassion of sheer joy! And I've no doubt whatever that Moe was right there with us-in spirit, if not in body, in his beloved bookstore.

--Dorothy Snodgrass