Since When: Readings from the Bill Berkson Memoir

Since When: Readings from the Bill Berkson Memoir

Wednesday, Dec 05, 2018 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

The basement at Moe's
2476 Telegraph Ave., Berkeley CA

Please join us as we celebrate the publication of Since When: A Memoir in Pieces, by Bill Berkson

There will be a reception at 6:00 pm in More Moe's, our fourth floor art and rare book room. Readings begin in the basement at 7:00pm

Readers include:

Constance Lewallen
Nina Lewallen Hufford 
Alan Bernheimer 
John Zurier 
Kit Robinson 
Clark Coolidge
Lyn Hejinian 
Claudia LaRocco 
Renny Pritikin

Bill Berkson was a poet, art critic, and joyful participant in the best of postwar and bohemian American culture. Since When gathers the ephemera of a life well lived, a collage of bold-face names, parties, exhibitions, and literary history from a man who could write “of [Truman Capote's Black and White] ball, which I attended as my mother’s escort, I have little recollection” and reminisce about imagining himself as a character from Tolstoy while tripping on acid at Woodstock. Gentle, witty, and eternally generous, this is Bill, and a particular moment in American history, at its best.